- Brass Chain
- Hand Made Chain
- Stone Chains
- Swirled chains
- Fox Chains
- Omega Chains
- Clasps
- Bracelet
- Pendant
- Necklace
- Stainless Steel Chains
- Earring
- Fashion Jewelry
- Etc

Jewelry chains

Nonsan Chain is a jewelry and chain manufacturer. We sell jewelry chains such as raw chains, brass chains, handmade chains, stone chains, swirled chains, fox chains, omega chains, stainless steel chains, etc. Nonsan Chain also manufactures beautiful imitation jewelry. As a leading chain manufacturer we have a vast inventory and selection of jewelry chains and raw chains and has experienced the recent extension of production line in China and continued to grow year after year since its establishment in 1970.

Raw chains

Nonsan raw chains can be used to adjust with whatever you want. Our raw chains are suitable for costume jewelry, handbag accessories, key chains, belts, clothing or other fashion accessories. And all of our raw chains are lead free and nickel free. We offer you quality raw chains at competitive prices.

Imitation jewelry

We pay high attention to updating and developing new style of imitation jewelry.
With our experts we can custom design or manufacture the jewelry chains and imitation jewelry to suit your needs. If you are a retailer or distributor then please view our selections and contact us for any custom design inquiries.